Autosett medium ( combi):
Fresh and salt water.
Natural bait or artificial lure fishing!
Autosett will increase yor haul, guaranteed!
The equipment is self tending!
Efficient and fun fishing!

Release the sinker, attach the bait to the hooks and let go.
The line will continue to roll until the sinker reaches the bottom,
and then it stops.
The equipment is anchored and afloat. The fishing has begun!
You will notice when the fish nibbles, because the equipment rotates and releases line.
Place out several Autosett in combination with rod fishing.
This will increase both the excitement and haul.
It is an advantage to use a boat with this equipment.
If you are going to place out several Autosett, you should try
different depths to find out what depth the fish is at. If you have
a depth sounder, try to place the lines on peaks and slopes on
rocky bottom. Fishing on the bottom with fresh bait has always
been an efficient method of fishing, in both fresh water and the sea.

Bait for freshwater: Earthworms, shrimps.
Bait for seawater: Mackerel, shrimps.

Main line: 60 metres.
Fishing line: 0.45 mm. 15 kg test.
Sinker: 500 grams.